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"Okay I admit that when I heard that Brad Johnston was offering a service to set up and take down your open house signs I thought....."Well that's ridiculous".  Well, not only did it relieve me of the horrible task, but the client noticed that they were set up early and was very pleased.  Not too mention, I went right from a showing at 1:30, did the open house and made it to my next showing at 4:15.   I am very happy with this service Brad.  Well done".  

Brent Crawford


"How I love Open House Boy, let me count the ways.......


Well I feel as though I have a part of my weekends back so I just have to do my open house and that's it!  OH Boy's services are definately worth every penny.


When I'm all dressed up to work an open house, the last thing I want to do is schlep signs around.  In addition, the work I used to put into cleaning and taping up the signs the night before no longer needs to be done.


Open House Boy allows me to be more productive and do the things I love to do about being an agent instead of doing something I can't stand!


I don't know what I would do now without Open House Boy.  Thank you so much."


Davelle Morrison    









" I just want you to know that the best thing I have done for myself recently was to sign up with #OHBOYTEAM .  

Brad is awesome, and the service is worth every penny.  I wish this had been around years ago! Nothing better than leaving the house to go to an open house -   with just enough time needed to get there!  


No driving around with signs, trying to find a spot to put them, and the BEST.......leaving the  open house and going straight home - no kidding!!  NO SIGNS TO COLLECT IN THE WIND, RAIN or SNOW!!


Honestly, do yourselves a 'flavour' --- sign UP!


You cannot afford not to  ---  YOUR TIME IS WORTH MORE ".

"Hey everyone, I want to let you know about a service that I have just signed up for. What is the thing you dislike the most about doing open houses?   The signs!!! Took me 3 seconds to sign up. No brainer!!  Tell him I sent you!

Sarah Underhill



"You rock!  O.H. Boy's service is a game changer!  I just love that I can book appointments before and right after my open houses! I love this invention of yours - I thank my lucky stars every weekend!!".   


Audrey Azad


"I have 4 words to say about O.H. Boy.............




I don't know why no one thought of it earlier. I LOVE their service! My signs are strategically placed in various locations for me in the morning and then picked up and stored away in the afternoon, giving me extra time before and after my open house to get to an appointment or to spend more time with my friends and family!


In Winter, this will be an absolute Godsend!"


Lisa Lonsdale


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